Sugar-free, Low GI, Low Carb

Mushrooms contain zero sugar are low in carbohydrates, which means they have a low GI (Glycaemic Index) and don’t raise blood-sugar levels as significantly as carb-rich foods such as bread. This makes them the perfect choice for diabetics or those with high blood-sugar levels.

What’s even better is that the minimal carbs they do contain come from fibre. Combine this with no sugar and a whole heap of goodness, and you have an easy, delicious contribution to a healthy diet.

Did you know…

A recent study showed that Portabello mushrooms have a beneficial effect on blood sugar and may help lessen various glucose-related issues after meals. Test showed that mushroom powder reduced hypoglycemia (when blood sugar levels drop after a person eats food with high glycaemic index) and also moderated the rapid insulin decrease seen with glucose alone. Researchers also said mushrooms might curb the desire to eat more - helping to reduce food intake. This was only a small preliminary study but the results are promising!

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