Meadow Mushrooms

White Flats

Mild and tender, a meaty contender

A ‘shroom like no other, it’s white button’s big brother.  White flats are white buttons that have been left on the growing bed longer to mature.  As mushrooms mature they flatten and open, revealing their gills underneath.  This gives the mushrooms a spongy, softer texture and richer umami flavour , compared with a button  – but not as deep and earthy as brown flats, also known as portabellos.  So, if you like the natural goodness grown in and the milder flavour of a white button mushroom, but would like a larger size for stuffing, roasting, grilling or BBQ'ing or a deeper colour for sauces without the deeper flavour, then White Flats are for you!

White Flats Nutrition Badge


White Buttons may be mild in flavour, but they’re mighty in goodness and light on the less good - loaded with vitamins and minerals while being low in fat, calories and sodium. Just adding a handful of sliced (or finely chopped for the less willing!) into your bolognaise or casserole will make a huge difference to your vitamin and mineral intake.

Amount Per Serving (100g)

  • Energy 78kj (1% DI*)
  • Vitamin B2 0.6mg (33% DI*)
  • Vitamin B3 6.7mg (67% DI*)
  • Vitamin B5 1.8mg (35% DI*)
  • Vitamin B6 0.3mg (21% DI*)
  • Vitamin B7 24μg (81% DI*)
  • Selenium 26μg (36% DI*)

*Based on an average adult diet of 8700Kj. RDI = Recommended daily intake. VIT = Vitamin.

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