Meadow Mushrooms

Our Sustainability Goals


Meadow Mushrooms: Carbon neutrality

Goal One

Carbon neutrality

Our commitment to being carbon neutral is a big goal, but we think we can do it. To get there, we’ll be reducing our carbon footprint and off-setting our carbon emissions.

Meadow Mushrooms: Reuse, recycle or compost by 2025

Goal Two

Reuse, recycle or compost by 2025

By 2025, we will ensure all Meadow Mushrooms products are packaged in sustainable packaging that’s either reusable, recyclable or compostable. We’ll also make sure it’s sourced using a low carbon footprint.

Meadow Mushrooms: Innovative uses for waste streams

Goal Three

Innovative uses for waste streams

We’ve committed to continuously finding new ways to reuse or repurpose our waste streams, to help create a circular economy. We’re already exploring some exciting possibilities - from mushroom punnets made of stalk waste, to turning spent compost into bio-energy to replace fossil fuels in powering farm equipment. 

Meadow Mushrooms: World-class sustainability reporting

Goal Four

World-class sustainability reporting

We’re refining our sustainability progress reporting so it meets international standards, and so it can provide us with meaningful and actionable business insights.