Meadow Mushrooms

Our Sustainability Goals


Meadow Mushrooms: Carbon neutrality

Goal One

Carbon neutrality

Our commitment to being carbon neutral is a big goal, but we think we can do it. To get there, we’ll be reducing our carbon footprint based on Science Aligned Targets and then off-setting any unavoidable carbon emissions.

Meadow Mushrooms: Reuse, recycle or compost by 2025

Goal Two

Reuse, recycle or compost by 2025

By 2025, we will ensure all Meadow Mushrooms products are packaged in sustainable packaging that’s either reusable, recyclable or compostable. We’ll also make sure it’s sourced using a low carbon footprint.

Meadow Mushrooms: Waste Minimisation

Goal Three

Waste Minimisation

Even though over 90% of our waste is diverted to be used beneficially, we still strive to do more.  We’ve set ourselves a target to halve the waste that currently goes to landfill by 2025.  We’ll do this by getting our whole team of over 400 staff to reduce waste and then separate what’s produced at source, so it can be diverted.   We also donate unsold stock to food rescue charities so they can continue to help those in need.  

Meadow Mushrooms: Resource Efficiency

Goal Four

Resource Efficiency

We’re very reliant on natural resources and it is important to us that we are as efficient as possible in how we use them. We’ve identified that the most important natural resources we use are fresh water and peat, and we have active programmes in place to reduce what we use as much as we can.