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Meadow Mushrooms: Small changes can make a big difference.


Small changes can make a big difference.

April to May 2022 will see the trial of a recycled PET (rPET) plastic punnet.  An independent study we commissioned from Environment services consultants, Thinkstep ANZ, assessed a number of options and found that a pack, locally made from 100% rPET plastic with a recyclable soft plastic top, had both lower carbon emissions and the best circularity, than other suitable packaging – including the current cardboard punnet. 

The 100% rPET plastic punnet can be disposed of locally through kerbside recycling and recycled multiple times after use. This helps create a circular system and saves tonnes of plastic from landfill. The soft plastic top seal can also be recycled at stores across the country that are part of the Soft Plastics Recycling scheme, to be turned into new products. Read more about the trial here.

Meadow Mushrooms: Did you know the plastic wrap that protects and keeps our mushrooms fresher for longer?


Did you know the plastic wrap that protects and keeps our mushrooms fresher for longer?

Our Meadow Mushrooms’ punnets, have a custom breathable plastic film that provides the perfect balance between letting moisture out and not too much air in.  It also helps protects the product during handling, all so that it reaches the end user in it's best condition.

The plastic used for our 350-400g bagged range, also contains tiny perforations for breathability, helping the product stay fresher for longer, and it’s recyclable - which is why we’re a proud member of The Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme.

The Scheme is a Government accredited voluntary programme that helps enable kiwis to recycle plastic wrappers and bags. It’s funded by members (including us!) with additional support from Countdown, The Warehouse and Huckleberry who provide recycling facilities. Find out more, including collection bin locations, at

Meadow Mushrooms: Helping our mushrooms last longer.


Helping our mushrooms last longer.

Each year, 157 tonnes of food is thrown away by Kiwi households. Vegetables make up nearly one third of that total*, usually binned because they’re past their prime. Despite the bad rap (wrap!) plastic packaging gets, its purpose is to protect and preserve our food - so it plays a big role in helping reduce food waste.

*Source: WasteMINZ

Meadow Mushrooms: Our work’s not done yet.


Our work’s not done yet.

As a member of The Packaging Forum, we’ve committed to a shared vision with others from across the packaging industry: that all packaging in New Zealand will be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. We’re even taking it one step further, by making sure any of our new packaging alternatives have a lower carbon footprint.