Meadow Mushrooms


The goodness your body needs

Meadow Mushrooms: The world’s most modest superfood. Meadow Mushrooms

The world’s most modest superfood.

Before quinoa, acai berries and kale hogged the limelight, there were mushrooms. Hearty, flavourful, low fat, nutrient dense and vitamin and mineral heavy, mushrooms pack a punch in more ways than many realise and deserve their unofficial status as a superfood.  

So much natural goodness in just one handful.

Just 100 grams of mushrooms can provide up to 60% of many daily essential vitamins and minerals. From helping lift your energy and elevate your mood, to boosting your brain power and supporting your immune system, they deliver head-to-toe health benefits your body will love.

More of the good, much less of the bad.

Whether you’re aiming to cut down on your meat intake or simply want a healthier diet, mushrooms are just the ticket. They’re super low in fat and sodium, high in protein, low GI and free of cholesterol, sugar, MSG and gluten. What more could you want?