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Meadow Mushrooms

How to Select

Look for mushrooms that are firm to touch with a fairly even colour. Stems are a good indication of freshness, so check for strong, healthy ones. Mushrooms are extremely fragile and prone to bruising, so you may find some marks and blemishes. Don’t panic - this won’t affect the taste or quality of the mushroom.

Meadow Mushrooms: How to Store

How to Store

Because they’re made largely of water, mushrooms can degrade quickly if not stored properly. Keep them refrigerated in a breathable container or bag to prevent moisture build-up. Meadow Mushrooms’ biodegradable punnets are specially designed for mushroom storage, with a custom breathable film that gives the perfect balance between letting moisture out and not too much air in. If you’re buying your mushrooms loose, storing in the fridge in a brown paper bag or fabric mushroom bag will work just as well.

Meadow Mushrooms: How to Prepare

How to Prepare

To prepare mushrooms for cooking, just wipe them clean with a dry cloth or brush off any flecks of compost. A quick, light rinse is OK if needed, but avoid soaking - mushrooms already have a high water content and are porous, so they’ll absorb additional water which will come out in cooking. No need to peel your mushrooms before eating, as the skin is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. And yes, you can leave the stalks on – less waste, more goodness!

Meadow Mushrooms - Varieties
White Button Nutrition Badge

White Button

With their subtle, earthy flavour, White Button mushrooms are great to eat raw and make a versatile, easy addition to cooked meals. Their mild taste also makes them a safe choice for those who like a less ‘mushroomy’ flavour or are trying mushrooms for the first time!

Large Portabello Nutrition Badge

Large Portabello

Our BBQ famous meaty portabellos are brown button mushrooms that have been left to mature

Small Portabello Nutrition Badge

Small Portabello

Small Portabello mushrooms are Portabello mushrooms that are picked just before they are fully grown. Still packed with flavour but small enough for sharing

Swiss Brown Nutrition Badge

Swiss Brown

The baby of the Portabello family, Swiss Browns are button mushrooms with a bolder, more robust taste. Their firm texture and rustic colour makes them fantastic for kebabs and perfect for risottos, stir fries, sauces and stews.

White Sliced Nutrition Badge

White Sliced

Our white sliced mushrooms are so convenient to cook with, having them already sliced for you to pop onto your pizza, or throw into your stir fry

Premium Shiitake Mushrooms Nutrition Badge

Premium Shiitake Mushrooms

Meadow Mushrooms have an exciting new addition to their trusted range of mushroom products - fresh Shiitake mushrooms


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